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Understanding the Fourth Dimension

Welcome to my tesseract viewer! In the center you'll find the viewer, on the right you'll find the controls, and on this tab are the instructions and explanation behind the tesseract viewer.

Some quick start tips:

  • Press R to reset the view, which is very useful when you're trying to understand a rotation
  • Press space to disable the red/cyan 3d mode if you don't have 3d glasses (who does these days)
  • Plane rotations don't make much sense visually on their own; I recommend using the following double rotations: <right/left + i/k>, <up/down + j/l>, <w/s + a/d>
  • If you're not able to see the cube rotation (e.g. it looks wonky to your eyes), reset the view (R) and calibrate your mind by visualizing the cube again, focusing on the fact that the corners with the largest points are the closest to you. Stick to simple rotations with the arrow keys and A/D first, before doing plane rotations

For a detailed explanation, press the above tabs for a walkthrough of how to interpret the fourth spatial dimension!


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Function Keys
Toggle 3d Anaglyph Spacebar
View Other Shapes Shift/Ctrl
Zoom In/Out x/z
Reset Cube r
Rotate About X-Axis Up/Down Arrow Keys
Rotate About Y-Axis Left/Right Arrow Keys
Rotate about Z-Axis a/d
Rotate About XY-Plane w/s
Rotate About XZ-Plane i/j
Rotate About YZ-Plane j/l